Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Last night we watched Rejoice's last game of the season. We just stayed for the JV game; our friend Mike is the coach of the team we played against, and we sat on their side with Norma and Brooke, Mike's wife. (We aren't was just out of the sun!)

Ziva had fun playing with Mike and Brooke's daughter, Eden. We really like their family...they moved from Florida to Oklahoma just about a year before we did (with a little baby), Brooke was a teacher before having Eden, and Mike is a huge Chicago fan, so we feel like slightly different versions of each other.

Big smile in the new high chair!

Check it out....she's already pulling her weight around the house! Our rule is, if you wanna eat, you gotta work! (just kidding, of course!)

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