Saturday, November 29, 2008

8 Months and Thankful!

Thursday wasn't just Thanksgiving, it was also the 8 month mark for Ziva! We began the day by making and decorating handprint turkey cookies (I forgot to take pictures, but let's be honest, they weren't that pretty, and I ended up doing most of the decorating. It will be more fun when Ziva can help.), and Ziva and Daddy did a little "project" of their own, using Berry Bananas for paint. Here was the final product....

We headed to my parents' house in the afternoon for our Thanksgiving day celebrations. Our friends Mike, Brooke and Eden came, and Ziva had so much fun chasing and playing with Eden. Even though Ziva's not walking yet, she crawls so fast she still gave Eden a run for her money! We're expecting some steps very soon. Ziva can stand for a few seconds unsupported, and we think it's more psychological than anything else that she's not doing more. If she's got something in her hand, even if it's not actually supporting her weight, she stands better....she just thinks she's being supported, but she's really doing it on her own. So once she figures that out, watch out!

My cousin Katie joined us for Thanksgiving, too. She hadn't seen Ziva in a few months and was astonished by how big she's gotten! It was really fun to have her with us for the holiday.

And not to be left out, Ziva and Uncle Nate help Grandma stir the stuffing. She's quite the little chef!

All in all, we had a great Thanksgiving. We have been so blessed this year in so many ways, and we don't take any of it for granted.

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