Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy to you!

We started singing "Happy Birthday To You" about a week before Ziva's actual birthday so she would really know what it was all about and just so she'd feel special. She loved having it sung to her, and she would sing along, "Happy to you!" Very cute. Her birthday last Saturday began with waking up to an Elmo balloon and eating Mickey Mouse-shaped chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk for breakfast. Then she got to open her new "basketball game" as she calls basketball goals, and play in the driveway all morning. Vince built her a soccer goal to go with the new soccer ball she got, and then later in the day we had a cookout and little party for her. She got a new umbrella which she loves, and some playdough and new clothes for the summer. Mimi taught her how to show that she's two, and she loved her Elmo cake (which I bought, instead of making and decorating myself as I had planned...). It was a very good 2nd birthday!

Playing ball during the good weather (which was supposed to turn bad but never actually did) with Daddy

Ziva's new umbrella from Mimi and Papa. We have yet to use it in real rain, but it's really fun inside the house too.

Elmo was her special birthday friend. He's still hanging around. :)

She snuck a lick (with Papa's encouragement)....brings back memories of the 1st birthday party!

"I'm 2!"
She can't hold up two fingers on one hand very well, so Mimi taught her this way of showing she's 2 years old. She seems pretty happy with it!

New do

In the month since I posted last, a couple of big things have happened: Ziva got her first haircut (Daddy cut her bangs) and she turned 2! Here's our life in a few pictures lately...

Spring break play date at the park with Ziva's friend Gabbi from school. She still talks about it just about every day!

Vince taught Ziva this pose, the "I look like I'm listening to Mommy but really I'm not" look. Ha ha. At least you can really see how good her bangs look. :)

Pony tail and ear phones

This is a post-blanket cave destruction pic. I love her face in this one!

She loves hiding and then jumping out and yelling "Hewwo!"
And speaking of what she says, Ziva no longer just knows words, she TALKS. She pulls these complete sentences out of nowhere and leaves us all in shock and awe half the time. A few weeks ago we were all racing each other around the house and she beat us into the living room and called out "I beat you guys!" over and over. She's also very bossy and likes to tell people where to go and what to do. "Mommy, do this." "Daddy sit there." "Go away!" "Ziva do this!" This morning when she woke up, she pulled up her pants leg, pointed to her knee and said, "Mommy look at my boo boo." It's so much fun to have her talk like this!