Sunday, March 20, 2011

House update

The house is really taking off. They poured the foundation this week, and in a matter of days we went from nothing to a completely framed house, with a roof!

Still in diapers

I always forget to post the pictures until I'm halfway through and they go to the top, so here are a few aquarium pictures from our spring break last week. We had fun, and Ziva especially loved the sharks and turtles.

Well, the potty training was a bust. You may have already guessed that since I posted nothing about it all week. We tried a couple different times, but neither time was very long, and both gave me the impression that she genuinely may not be ready yet. Although, she turns 3 a week from today, so I will be pushing her along. :) I got a book from the library that I've heard great things about; I just need more time to read and process it before I dive in, so I'm hoping to read it this week and try again on Saturday. *fingers crossed*

One reason it didn't work out so well was that mid-week I went to Arkansas for the funeral of a dear friend's mother. You can read all about her remarkable 3-year battle with cancer on her blog The funeral was a pretty amazing celebration of her life and such a gripping reminder of God's love for us and what that can (and should) look like in our lives.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break = Operation Potty Training

Ah, today is the first day of spring break. Yes, I did bring home a lot of school work that I just couldn't catch up on, but I'm not thinking about that now. I'll put it off until Sunday.....don't tell my kids. :)

And since I have a whole week home with Ziva--and it's the last week home with Ziva before Zoe arrives (a little surreal!)--I am determined to get our little princess out of diapers and into panties. To say she has been reticent is probably an understatement. She shows strangely mixed signals of being ready and of not--hiding when she's going #2, insisting she's not wet or poopy when I ask about her diaper, wanting to wear panties, NOT wanting to try on the potty....I just don't know what's happening in that little head. And I don't really have a game plan or know what I'm doing, but it's do or die time. I'll try to keep you posted with pictures and funny stories (as they are just bound to happen), and hopefully by the end of the week I will report back with total success!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anecdote from Target

This morning Ziva and I were shopping for some clothes at Target. As she was looking through a pile of t-shirts, I accidentally bumped into a rack and knocked several shirts to the floor. I heard a little gasp and then Ziva said in a partially horrified, mostly scolding (and completely hilarious) tone of voice, "Mommy! You have to be careful! I love you very much and I don't want you to trip!"