Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Odds and Ends

Staking her claim in the fridge. She so thinks she's a grown up!

My $5 beauty college haircut. It took an hour and some intervention by the instructor, but I think the final product isn't half bad!

Ziva and I are off all week for Thanksgiving, which is so nice! Well, I had to work Monday and part of Tuesday, but they were very productive days without the students there! Ziva spent some fun time with Grandma while I was working. She has still been sick, and yesterday she had a fever of 101.5, so we went to the doctor AGAIN, and discovered she's getting another ear infection. So today we started a new round of antibiotics (only three days this time, so hopefully we will avoid another icky diaper rash.)
There are a million things I should be doing besides blogging right now....lots to get ready for tomorrow. We're excited about Thanksgiving at my parents' house, but we miss our Florida family!
I just remembered....Ziva had both her top teeth come in. Did I say that once already? I can't remember. There's a gap in between them right now, which is cute, but I guess it will go away once her other teeth start coming in. I'll try to get some pictures, but she doesn't like it when I stick my fingers in her mouth and try to get a closer look at those pearly whites.

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