Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ultrasound #2

This week was a busy baby week. I had a normal check up, my glucose tolerance test, and a 2nd ultrasound to check out my low lying placenta. Check up was good and I passed my GTT (hallelujah, I don't have to drink that nastiness again!) although I do have to start taking iron supplements. I'd much rather that then be diabetic, so no complaints here. The ultraasound was a little tricky....apparently my placenta is somewhat mysterious. The tech had a hard time telling for sure where it ended, so she called in the radiologist, and since he was not the same doctor who read my first ultraasound report, he couldn't tell either without having something to compare it to. So, I still don't know if my placenta is too low, but neither of them thought it was. Zoe is still breech (breach?) though, so if she doesn't flip at some point, it really doesn't matter because I'll have to go c-section anyway. I've heard lots of people say that there are a lot of perks to having a c-section, and the scheduling factor is awfully appealing even now, so I know I'll be fine either way.

Probably more exciting than all that.....they started work on our house this week! Monday my friend Renee texted me a couple of pictures of the builders starting work on the footing. It's not much to show on a photo, so we're waiting until they get some plumbing in, or something more than just lines of concrete in a bunch of mud, but nonetheless, it's exciting! It's great having our friends living right down the street so they can keep us updated without us having to drive over every day when there may be nothing new to see. We've started buying smaller furniture and things for when the house is ready, little bits at a time. We just can't wait to have our own house with room to invite people in and see how God can use our house and our availability for Him!

And now I'm off to clean this little apartment. I am a wee bit worried that as bad as I am at keeping this place clean, a bigger home just means more mess. But I keep telling myself that A) there will actually be a place for everything in a real house, and B) I will care a whole lot more when it's actually MINE. We'll see.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


That's our new address....or will be, once our house is finished. If you haven't heard yet, we are building a house, and we're hoping it will be done in May. We're REALLY hoping it will be done before Zoe arrives. (Which reminds me, I don't think I ever announced on the blog that we're having another girl! Zoe Kaitlin will make her debut just as we are packing, closing, moving, and finishing school. We like to do things with style, you know. And as much insanity as possible, apparently.)

This shot is from early in January, the first snow we had. Doesn't compare to what we got over the last few weeks, which I unfortunately didn't capture on film. But if the almanac is right, I will get a second chance this winter, as there is supposed to be an even bigger snow storm sometime this year. Joy.

Here's a picture of our lot. We got a great spot that backs up to a water reserve area, so we have a nice view and no one can build behind us.

Our building permit and address! This just went up this week.

And this is Ziva's new big girl bed. She's had it for probably a month now (maybe a little more?) It's super comfy and a "real" big girl bed...none of that toddler stuff anymore. She has taken a few tumbles, and she prefers to sleep on top of the quilt instead of under it, but all in all it was a great transition and she likes it. The only down side is that when she's supposed to be taking a nap, she inevitably spends an hour + reading books since they are in such easy reach. It's too much temptation. Friday we had to stay home because she was sick Thursday night, and after the third time I went to tell her to stop reading and go to sleep, she said "But Mommy, I'm just not good of that." She seems to have developed a belief that if she says she's not good at something, she magically will be off the hook. If only it were that easy. :)

And this is the new storage unit we got to replace her old toy bins. These are great because A) they're just so cute, and B) all the toys stay hidden, instead of piled up in open bins in an unseemly manner. So Ziva's room is all set and ready to transfer over to the new house....we're working on the rest of the house slowly but surely.