Saturday, October 25, 2008

Poor Daryelle

Last week's babysitting attempt was a bust. Poor Daryelle (one of my senior students) arrived early, and Ziva seemed to be okay with her. When I left, she was sucking the strings of Daryelle's hoodie. But about 20 minutes later, just as my first parent-teacher conference was about to start, the phone rang. "She won't stop crying!" I heard over Ziva's screams in the background. I was torn! I told Daryelle I could run home after my first conference, but then I started to think that was a bad idea, and Ziva would just be worse when I left again. So after the conference I called to check in...still crying. I told Daryelle to just put her in bed and let her cry herself to sleep, which she did. I ended up going home after my morning conferences and let Daryelle go early, then Ziva came with me to my two afternoon conferences. It wasn't so bad....but now I know to let Ziva get acquainted early with a new babysitter! She's seen Daryelle since (with me) and was smiley, so maybe next time it will work out better.

Here are a few pictures from the last couple weeks. It's been cold, and it's been fun dressing Ziva up in some new clothes. We attempted the pumpkin patch this week on Vince's day off, but it was way too windy and cold, so we're planning to try again this week.

Daddy's littl girl! (big time!)

Ziva can't wait to open her new high chair. (The Bumbo seat no longer works as a feeding place....she squirms and bucks all over the place!)


Chillin' with Dad

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Daneli said...

Hey, I can't find your email but I need you to let me know if I can come and visit from the 20-26 of Dec. I need to buy tickets soon. I hope you check this and get back to me on regular email. I love reading your blog, and Ziva is growing so fast I'm just going to be a complete stranger when I see her the first time.