Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free Hockey!

Here are a few pics of the little one this week.....

Chewing on her lower lip is her new funny little habit
This weekend Vince and I took Mitch and Rachel out for their birthdays (both in September). We went to dinner and then we went to see the Tulsa Rampage play. They're a minor league hockey team, and the game was so fun! They played at a pretty small rink so no matter where you sat, you were pretty much right on the ice, and we got to see a couple fights! They seemed a little staged, but the blood was real. Here you can see a little of the action....
We were really thankful for the free tickets Vince got when the team's owner came into his store. We have more tickets, so we plan on trying to go back, and maybe even see an Oilers game someday soon!

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