Friday, October 3, 2008

Ultrasound Results

At Ziva's check-up last week, her pediatrician was a little bit concerned about some "uneven fat rolls" on Ziva's legs. She said it was probably nothing, but sometimes that can be an indicator of some hip problems. So, she recommended Ziva get an ultrasound just to make sure. We went to the hospital yesterday for her ultrasound, and she did great....she only cried when it was time for me to put her diaper back on (her new least favorite activity in the world!). And the results were good news...everything is completely normal. The radiologist was laughing during the ultrasound, because he said there was no way she'd be squirming around the table so much if her hip was dislocated! So that's the very latest in Ziva's world...I figured I would post her results after the fact, rather than beforehand when people could worry. :)

The weather is starting to cool off...we should have some fun fall outfit and outing pictures to post soon!

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