Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grocery Shopping Tip

I know I always like hearing money-saving tips, so here's one I discovered, although it sounds (and is!) weird.

Of course, I think most people know you spend less at the grocery store if you have a list, and maybe even more if your list is based off of already planned out meals for the week. I usually do this, but lately I've started planning two weeks' worth of meals at a time, and shopping for them just once, and get this.....I spend about the same amount for two weeks' worth as I had been spending for one week! I know, it doesn't make sense, and I'm not sure how it's happening, but it is. Some of it may be from spreading my shopping all over town....the bread outlet store, Aldi, any other store with special sales, and THEN Walmart (this requires multiple trips with naps in between for Ziva, but it's worth it!). But however it's happening, I wanted to share it in case it will work that way for anyone else. Happy shopping!

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