Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Table Manners

We're starting to teach Ziva to use utensils on her own. That paper towel commercial that says "It takes a certain kind of strength to let them learn on their own" hit it right on the head! With very little practice, though, Ziva has figured out how to put the spoon in her mouth the right way to eat the food. Getting the food on the spoon in the first place is another story. For now, I put the spoon in the bowl and leave it there for her to pick up.

After cleaning up the prune and apples mess, I decided to feed her myself for the main course, but she didn't want the spoon from me, so I just gave her the bowl...she needs to learn how to use those too!


And next came bathtime, to clean up after her learning experience!

Ready for bed in cute new big girl pajamas (she outgrew her footy pajamas so quickly we had to cut the feet out of one pair until we could get her some new ones!)

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