Friday, March 13, 2009

Goodnight Kisses

In the past few weeks, Ziva has started giving kisses, and they are so sweet. :) They're mostly open-mouth slobbery smushes, but she's getting better at it. Lately when I'm rocking her before bed, she'll sit up suddenly, give me a kiss, then snuggle back down in my arms. It is so precious, and I try to intentionally savor those moments. Spending my days with teenagers reminds me all the time that Ziva will be a senior in high school before I know it, and things will be different for sure.

She has also taken to dragging around fabric.....anything that's handy, whether it's a blanket, towel, or laundry (clean or dirty, doesn't matter!) I'm not sure if it's the beginnings of a security blanket need, or just a little phase, but it's pretty cute.

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