Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I Love About Being Married

With Vince gone, and especially since he's at a wedding, I've been thinking about all the things I love about our marriage, and I thought I would post a few thoughts. (Can you tell I miss my family??)

The one thing I love the most about my marriage is Vince! If I had any other husband, my marriage wouldn't be what it is, and I love it just the way it is. It's so amazing to see how perfect for each other Vince and I are...we see eye to eye on so much - how we spend our time, our beliefs, parenting, what we think is funny, how to spend money, how to decorate our home, choosing friends, getting along with family...having someone to live life with is such a wonderful thing! It's great being part of a team (even though if we ever go on Amazing Race, we will not be on the same team!), knowing that at least one person in the world always has my back and will support me no matter what.

Another thing I love about marriage is all the spiritual lessons I learn from Vince and through the circumstances of our daily lives. There are times when I may not understand a decision he makes or why something happens, but when I trust him, and trust God in him, it becomes clear, and I'm reminded that God works the same way...I may not always understand what's happening, but there is a good, thoughtful reason behind it, just like in Vince's choices.

I also love getting to take care of people. My aunt once called me a "domestic goddess," and while I am far, far from anything close to a goddess in anything, I do love all that comes with being a wife, mom, and homemaker. Sure, it's hard work, but I love knowing that what I do is important to the people in my family, whether it seems important in the big picture or not. Cooking and cleaning are just so much more satisfying when you're doing them for someone else.

And finally (since there's more to love than room on the blog!), I love the hope of our future. We know that God called us to be together, and I believe He has a big reason for that. Ziva is a part of that, and the other children we will hopefully one day have; but beyond that, we have yet to discover all the wonderful things He has in store for us. We've only been married a little over a year, and already God has done some big things in our life. I know He has a lifetime of big things for us, and it is so exciting to dream about and look forward to those things, wondering how God is going to use us for His kingdom. I love that God gave me a husband who shares the same heart for youth and ministry that I do, and I'm excited to spend a lifetime with him, loving each other and loving other people together. I hope that Andrew and Chrissy find as much blessing in their new marriage as Vince and I have in ours!

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