Monday, September 1, 2008

Tummy Bug?

Our poor little Ziva is experiencing her first bout of sickness. Yesterday morning she started having diarrhea, and it hasn't gone away yet. So tomorrow we'll both stay home from school and hopefully see the doctor. It may be just teething, but one of the other babies at school had diarrhea last week, and her doctor said it was just teething, but maybe not. It sure is hard seeing her sick and not really knowing what to do about it, but we know that God is her creator and healer, and He knows what to do and helps us along the way. Just one of many opportunities, I'm sure, to trust Him in this journey of parenting.

Oh yeah, and Ziva has been a real trooper. She has a nasty diaper rash that bothers her some, but overall she has remained her playful, cheerful self. What a joy!

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