Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Vince and Ziva made it safely home yesterday. Their flight was good and they really enjoyed their trip. Ziva had a lot of fun with her Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt NiNi and Uncle Alejandro. Oh yes, and Sachi, their little black pug. We think Ziva picked up some behaviors from Sachi because since she's been home, she's been sticking out her tongue all the time, and she even panted a little bit yesterday while she was playing with Vince! Hopefully she'll go back to being a little girl instead of a dog soon! :)

Some new things in Ziva's world just in the few days she was gone: sitting up by herself, super-speedy crawling (she's so funny when she crawls - she picks her arms up really high in the air, more like she's swimming), another tooth about to come through, and getting better at pulling up. This Friday is her 6 month check up, so we'll be sure to report any interesting facts from that visit. I'll just be glad to take her to the doctor for a reason other than being sick!

I don't have any good pictures from Florida...Vince took our camera, but everyone ended up taking pictures on their own cameras, so I'll have to have everyone email me their pictures, and hopefully I can post some soon. Vince took Ziva in the pool for the first time, and I hear that Selena got a really good shot of that. So more to come soon!

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