Thursday, September 18, 2008

Report from Florida

Vince and Ziva made it safely to Florida! Vince said the flight was good and Ziva did pretty well, so thank you for praying! I am very relieved. :)

So far, everyone is having a blast with our little peanut. She is crawling all over the house chasing Sachi (Selena's dog) and talking up a storm. I tried to talk to her on the phone, but she's usually more interested in the phone itself than who's on the other end. I did hear a good, loud squawk in the background, so I know she's having fun. They've promised to take lots of pictures, so when Vince and Ziva get back I'll put them up. So now I guess I'll go find something to weird.

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rissaroe said...

Wow- does it feel strange to have all that time to yourself? Enjoy it!! It will be a good little break, and you'll be so excited to see Vince and Ziva when they get home!!