Saturday, April 7, 2012

Zoe is 10 months old!

Zoe is quickly approaching the one year mark....where has the time gone? Just last night I was sorting through baby clothes to give some away to a girl our small group wanted to bless, and I couldn't believe she actually fit in some of those.....or that they were too big at one point!

Zoe keeps growing and she continues to be a delightful little girl. She is happy 95% of the time, and is developing such a fun little personality. She loves to have you chase her....especially if you're crawling with her, then she zips off and laughs like crazy. She is pulling up on just about everything now, but no steps yet. One thing that seems unique about Zoe is that she loves tight spaces....she crawls under the dining room chairs, through the bottom of our little accent table in the living room, behind the chairs under the window, through and around the legs....she is a climber and loves getting in and out of those tight spots. She's still got just 4 teeth, but she's expanding her eating repertoire slowly to include some table foods. Today she had grilled cheese with the rest of us at lunch, and she's pretty content to munch on crackers if she can't eat what the rest of us are eating. The other newest thing she's doing is waving. At first she waved backwards, toward herself, in the same direction she saw us doing it. Now she waves her whole arm, and she says "Hi," "bah-bah," "da-da," and every once in a while, "mama." She's got plenty to say to herself and runs a pretty steady stream of baby babble. She is usually content to play on her own, but she loves playing with Ziva still. SHe's also developed a real affinity for doors. If they're open, she closes them. If they're almost closed, she opens them. If I leave the front door open even a crack when I take things out the car in the mornings, she's coming out after me grinning. She's a sweet girl and we sure do love her!

These were the best shots I could get with the's a good thing I'm only planning on doing this through her 1st birthday. It's just too hard to get her to sit still!
Roly-poly Zoe!
Zoe likes the new trampoline almost as much as Ziva does! She loves to just sit while Ziva's jumping and get bounced around. I usually have a hard time getting her to crawl back to the opening to get her out!

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