Sunday, April 8, 2012

because He lives...

Easter weekend 2012 started out with the traditional egg dying experience. It doesn't seem quite as huge as I remember from when I was growing up and all four of us kids each had a dozen eggs to color....I just boiled one dozen for the whole fam. But I'm sure as the girls get older they will get their own dozen was still plenty fun this year!
Zoe got to participate too......knawing on that hard egg felt good on two little teeth that cut through yesterday!
Checking out their Easter baskets this morning....Vince said "You could have at least put Zoe's dress on first!" Ha, oh well. They were both excited, regardless of the wardrobe.
And speaking of wardrobe, this was the best shot we got of Ziva and Zoe together in their Easter dresses. Mimi bought them these adorable matching dresses and brought them by on Ziva's actual birthday so she'd have something to open then (sweet!). They looked precious....I think I'll keep dressing them alike as long as I can possibly get away with it.
And here is our little family, celebrating the best day in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Today I am grateful for the hope found in that empty tomb, and the knowledge that "the same power that conquered the grave lives in me." What a good God, to give us not just the cross and forgiveness, but also the hope of eternal life in Him one day, and the presence of His spirit today and every day. Thank you, Lord. Let Your kingdom come in our lives.

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