Saturday, April 7, 2012

Party #2

After party #1 ended, Ziva spent the afternoon playing with her new toys. She and Zoe had a sidewalk tea party, and spent lots of time on the trampoline.

Saturday evening, Mimi and Papa and Uncle Mitch and Aunt Rachel came over for round two. Ziva opened MORE presents (including a pink radio for her room she's been wanting, so now she can listen to music at night; and her most favorite, a set of little Disney princesses that go everywhere with her)
And of course, more cake. We had lots of princess cupcakes left over, but Ziva wanted a chocolate cake with sprinkles, so we made a new one. She was princess for the day, after all. :) This picture looks an awful lot like her first birthday, ha!
It was a good day and a great birthday! We are so blessed to have Ziva as our daughter, and we thank God every day for entrusting her to us. She makes us laugh and teaches us things every day. We love you Ziva!!

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