Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vince's new job

Vince was officially offered a new job yesterday, working on staff at our apartment complex doing maintenance. This is such a huge blessing, and we are so excited! It's amazing how God has been leading us in this direction when we didn't even realize it. Vince has been wanting a new job for a while, something that would allow him to be home more and be in a more positive environment. But in this economy, job searching is tough, obviously. We had already planned on moving to a new apartment this summer, downsizing a little, to save some money each month on rent. The Greens is building a new phase, and we applied for one of the brand new apartments. When we heard a couple weeks ago that they were hiring, Vince applied. He had his first interview last week, and it turns out they were super excited that he had applied, since they knew he was already planning on moving to the new phase and that's where they wanted him to work. So....he got the job, which is a huge blessing in itself, but it comes with so many perks...God is good! Since Vince will basically live at work (or work at home), when he's off, he's home! No rush hour traffic, no driving to and from Tulsa, more time at home with us. Yea! Also, we don't need a second car, which is a very good thing since my poor little Prizm is on its death bed. It has been a good car, but it's done. It gave out during my last week of school, and we thought then, "perfect timing...summer is the best time to only have one car." We figured we'd make a new plan once school started again, but now we don't need to, since we only need one car! (Cheaper insurance, save on gas, wear and tear...yea!) And as if all that weren't enough, we get a major discount on our rent, plus we get the best of the new apartments, which means a little more space than we have now, rather than less. Yea!

So we are thrilled with this new season, especially about all the extra time we'll be able to spend as a family. God is faithful, and this is such a great reminder to me that He can (and does!) do more than we could ask, think, or imagine.

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