Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!

It has been HOT lately....you wouldn't think we ever left Florida! But in spite of the heat we took in a little bit of baseball this weekend. My dad's work sponsors a family night in the summer, and this year's event was a Tulsa Drillers' game. We got there early for some free food, and then watched less than one inning before Ziva had had enough. She did have fun, though, as you can see. We love this dress that Ross and Amber sent...although it fits more like a shirt so we put shorts underneath it. The material was nice and cool, perfect for the weather. Thanks Uncle Ross and Auntie Amber!
Ice cold water, yum!

Watching the game with Grandpa

Love this face!
I signed Ziva up for the summer reading program at the library today...I didn't realize kids as young as her could participate, but when we checked out, they said I should. My little reader! We like taking trips to the library...it's nice cool fun, and Ziva loves running around the children's section and having great "conversations" with other kids.

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