Monday, June 1, 2009

ah, summer!

Lovin' summer! Today's highlights:
  • discovering that the inside of the dryer makes a great drum, and echoes if you yell into it
  • whisking lots of imaginary food in a big bowl
  • putting puzzle pieces into the big bowl, then taking them out....over and over (which is very exciting becase until very recently, putting things back was not a skill Ziva had mastered...she only took them out, creating fun, but large, messes)

As a side note, our daughter is a giant! We went to the doctor this week for an ear infection, and they went ahead and did Ziva's 15 month check up, even though she's just 14 months. She weighs 23 pounds, which is pretty average, but she's 33 inches long, which is above the 95th percentile for 15 month-old kids! I did the math and realized she's already taller than half my height, and she's getting close to half of Vince's height! If the old wive's tale I heard from an old wife (really!) at Walmart holds true, that a person's full height will be double their height at age 2, then Ziva will definitely be one tall lady!

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