Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ziva, baby Jesus, and poo poo

Norma has a carved wooden nativity set that she brought back from the Philippines years ago, and on Christmas Eve, she used the figures from the nativity scene, along with the angel from the top of the tree, to tell the Christmas story to Ziva. Since then, Ziva has been intrigued with baby Jesus. She points, says "Baby!", holds him, carries him around, and puts him back in the manger when it's time to sleep (face down, the way she sleeps). It's cute, but here's the best part. This baby Jesus has a bit of cloth covering his front but on his back side, his behind is bare. Ziva noticed this, and after examining Jesus closely, she declared, "No poo poo!"

We're getting closer and closer to potty training...

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