Wednesday, April 8, 2009


April 5th was my 33rd birthday, and those who know me know that 3 is my favorite number. My Honey, known to most as Rita, decided to make this a very memorable birthday for me so two months or more before my birthday she decided to send out a letter to family and friends asking them to think of a favorite memory that included me. She asked them to write some encouraging words for me and to send photos as well. Rita then gathered everything together and created a scrap book for me to enjoy. Now of course this was supposed to be a surprise and of course I found out about it, as I always do, but I did not know what anyone wrote until my birthday and it was still incredibly thoughtful and romantic of Rita to do. Words of encouragement is my love language and my honey knows that more than anyone, as she daily encourages me as her husband, as Ziva's dad, and in all things. I greatly enjoyed each word of encouragement from everyone and the photos that accompanied the words. There was much laughter and some tears as I read through and remembered memories of each of you. Although I enjoyed what each of you wrote, I enjoyed my dad's letter most. I learned the my grandfather was adopted into the Ramirez family just like I was, which adds fuel to my desire to adopt one day. I was also touched to know he remebered a goal I had in a soccer game many years ago. To close I just want to say thanks to all, especially my honey the wife of the year.

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