Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Things

Ziva really has an eye for little details, we're noticing. Today I took her out for a little walk around our apartments, and here's a list of some of the things she noticed while we were out:
  • the bumps and ridges on the yellow pedestrian crossing part of the sidewalk
  • half a leaf blowing around the parking lot
  • a tiny red dot of paint on the edge of the curb
  • a dried up piece of gum on the edge of a flower bed (gross!)
  • grass growing in the crack of the sidewalk
  • a tiny piece of blue paper, probably from a candy wrapper
  • the fact that every parking space had a parking curb, evenly spread out

All that reminds me of a story from school a few weeks ago. Angie and Stephanie saw her staggering around on the carpet, which isn't really that strange, except she was doing it more than usual and cracking up. They finally realized she was chasing an ant, which is pretty hard to see on that speckled school carpet!

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