Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day!

This weekend I had a special treat and got to see some very dear friends from high school. We met in Siloam Springs and had dinner at a cute little cafe, saw Amanda's new loft (which is amazing and Southern Living worthy), and talked with Rissa's family some. And Ziva got ANOTHER free gift! (Thanks again, Vicki, for the devoted battery work!). It was so good to see these girls again....we laughed and talked and laughed and felt really good. It's so great knowing that in spite of years, miles, and lots of change, we can still connect and have such a great time. I have been blessed with wonderful friends my whole life, and it's just a sweet thing. Here we are, all smiles!

Today is a snow day! Actually, more like an ice-covered-by-a-little-bit-of-snow day. Quite a change from hurricane days in Florida! So Ziva and I are staying inside bundled up. Poor Vince had to go to work, and he's been calling me with blow by blow accounts of the accidents he's seen. I'm praying he makes it to and from work safe and sound. I hate driving in this stuff! Ziva seems to be getting sick, so I'm hoping we can hold off the doctor visit if need it until Wednesday or Thursday when the weather clears up.

Yesterday Ziva took a couple steps!! I don't feel like we can truly call it walking yet, but she has been standing for a few seconds at a time on her own for several days now, and yesterday she did take a couple tiny steps from the coffee table to me before she fell. So exciting! The real thing can't be too far away!
This is very random, but if anyone watched Survivor last night, don't you think Randy is the absolute saddest person you have ever ever seen? My heart just broke to see him so hard and not even caring. I wonder what happened to him. I hope I remember to pray for him for a long time.


Vicki Dees said...

We have always been thankful for the great friends that Cherissa has. You are one of the special ones that has been able to stay close since the Owasso and JBU days!

It was great to see you again this week.

Kerwin and Vicki.

amandromeda said...

i had such a great time on saturday! thanks for coming all the way over here. we have to get together more often now that you're so close and definitely have a super bowl party!!!!!!!!!

rissaroe said...

LOVED getting together on Saturday!! Thanks for making the drive over!