Monday, May 21, 2012

11 months and Mother's Day

This month's highlights include Zoe's 11 month mark, Mother's Day, and, one more day away....the end of school!! I'm late on Zoe's 11 month stats, so I think I'll save most of it for the big ONE coming up in a couple weeks! But the big news is Zoe is just starting to walk, and I expect by her birthday she'll be a full-fledged little toddler. Our other big transition this month is going straight from pretty much all baby food, to all table food. Zoe is a great eater, but she is her momma and daddy's girl...with the real thing in front of her, she suddenly doesn't care for green beans :)

 This just might have been my favorite gift for Mother's Day...seeing Ziva's own handwriting like this! We are so proud of our little peanut!

 Ziva's class had a special Mother's Day breakfast and then we got to go to chapel together. It was a sweet time and I got to wear the heart she made for me.

Zoe just will not be still long enough to get any more pictures with that lamb, so it's a good thing we've only got one month left! Hard to believe how fast time's been flying! 

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