Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What we've been up to

Well, where does a whole month go?! We've been keeping pretty busy around here. Getting back into the school routine has gone smoothly, and the girls are enjoying school just as much as always. Zoe has started crawling in earnest now (at about 7 1/2 months) and she loves exploring every corner of the house. Ziva's room seems to be her favorite right now. We're expecting her to start pulling up very soon....she gets on her feet with both hands on the floor, so it's just a matter of time before she gets the balance and strength to stand all the way up.

Vince and I have started a class at church, Financial Peace University. That adds to the schedule, but we're excited about it and it should be a great thing. Our small group is really growing and we had a great outreach this past weekend. We are really excited about the direction our group is heading and what God has in store for it this year.

Now that Zoe is sitting really well, she and Ziva have started taking their baths together. I think this is a vast improvement for both of them......they already liked baths, but they LOVE taking it together. Ziva's great at pouring water over Zoe's head. :)

This month we were invited to Gabbi's 4th birthday party. Ziva and Gabbi are best friends, and this was a princess party to remember. Lots of dressing up and very loud screaming....it was a hit! We love Gabbi.

Another highlight from January was Ross and Amber's visit. It was too short, as always, but it was great to see them. Ziva loves having all her uncles at her disposal to wear out, but I think Ross and Mitch tag teamed a little and gave Ziva a run for her money. :) We had fun having dinner with them and catching up a little. El Paso is still a long way away, but it's so much closer than Hawaii!

Right now our little family has been taking turns getting sick....Ziva came home from school a week and a half ago with a stomach bug and spent the weekend recuperating, while Zoe's nose was running off her face the whole time. And then last night it was Zoe's turn for the stomach bug, and she spent half the night throwing up, poor baby, and then today at the doctor we found out she has an ear infection. So the antibiotics seems to be working and we're hoping for a better night! Vince is under the weather too....may be a combination of what the girls have had, or possibly just severe lack of sleep. My poor husband is a champion....he's had to work so many hours but he works hard, does a great job, and keeps a good attitude through it all...I am always so impressed with how he handles it! Much better than I could, for sure. But we're praying for a job change that will bring better hours. We'll see what God can do!

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