Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Princess Turns 3

Last weekend Ziva turned 3. Of course the weather was bad....we're three for three so far....but we crammed everyone in the apartment and had a grand ol' time. I think this is the most presents Ziva has ever had to open at one time in her life! We spread the gifts out at Christmas so she's not in shell-shock and not overly focused on the presents. I think it works great....our heart has been to make a BIG DEAL out of birthdays, to celebrate how special she is (and same for siblings and any family members), so that when Christmas rolls around, it's a BIG DEAL because it's Jesus' birthday, not because of what she may get out of it. So I love that she had tons and tons of gifts--we were blown away with everyone's generosity! Ziva loved every minute of it, and we were all laughing at her natural talent at pulling tissue paper from a bag and tossing it into the air. Hers was a joyful soul! Our joke, for those of you who may be familiar with the TV show Friends, is that Ziva is just like Chandler--she can have a normal smile on her face UNTIL it's time to take a picture, and then....well, it turns out looking like this. But she's three so it's adorable. And we're working on it for the future. :)

Taking a picture with "her Mitch". Of the Uncle Mitch/Aunt Rachel combo, Rachel has always been the favorite. But Mitch came out to dinner one night when Rachel couldn't come, and she was deposed, big time. Ziva will always love her (who wouldn't?!), but Mitch now has a very special place in her heart, and it seems to be sticking, even when Rachel IS around.
Blowing out her candles, and I think she actually blew, instead of spit. Hope so....we've been eating it all week. ;)

And here the princess is showing off her new princess gear. One of my old students, Lena, has been babysitting for us on small group nights, and she sent this gift up to my classroom this week. Did anyone know they even make baby snuggies?! Pretty cool. Ziva's even been sleeping in it, despite the 70 degree temperatures. We sure love our princess!

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