Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still in diapers

I always forget to post the pictures until I'm halfway through and they go to the top, so here are a few aquarium pictures from our spring break last week. We had fun, and Ziva especially loved the sharks and turtles.

Well, the potty training was a bust. You may have already guessed that since I posted nothing about it all week. We tried a couple different times, but neither time was very long, and both gave me the impression that she genuinely may not be ready yet. Although, she turns 3 a week from today, so I will be pushing her along. :) I got a book from the library that I've heard great things about; I just need more time to read and process it before I dive in, so I'm hoping to read it this week and try again on Saturday. *fingers crossed*

One reason it didn't work out so well was that mid-week I went to Arkansas for the funeral of a dear friend's mother. You can read all about her remarkable 3-year battle with cancer on her blog The funeral was a pretty amazing celebration of her life and such a gripping reminder of God's love for us and what that can (and should) look like in our lives.

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