Monday, December 27, 2010

Funny story

Today we took Vince to the doctor. He's been sick for weeks and turns out he has a sinus infection. While were waiting in the lobby, Ziva attached herself to an older couple who "took our seats" when I was up at the check-in window and Vince had to run back to the car for something. She was talking to them non-stop and had the lady read her book to her. Right as Vince returned and I was finishing up at the window, we heard her ask the lady "Is that your baby?" while pointing to her stomach. Oh. My. Fortunately, the lady just laughed and said, "No, I'm just fat." I'm not sure how to teach the subtler social dos and don'ts to a 2 year old. After the couple was called back to their doctor, we tried to tell Ziva it's not nice to ask people other than Mommy if they have a baby in their stomach. The guy sitting across from us started laughing, and he said the whole thing was really funny, especially because it wasn't his kid. So we had a funny moment to pass the time this morning.....we were laughing about how you always hear about people inappropriately asking someone if they're pregnant, and now we are those people....or at least her parents!


elizabeth (is your friend) said...

at least it wasn't you doing the asking!

love it.

English said...

That is really funny.

I had a reverse experience. My cousin-in-law has always been overweight, and I hadn't seen her in a while. At a Christmas party, someone said something about her being pregnant, and I exclaimed joyfully (without thinking--as I am wont to do), "You're pregnant?" Turns out she was six months. EMBARRASSING!!!!