Saturday, February 27, 2010


Okay, here are some long overdue pictures, in no particular order. I've got three or four posts' worth, so keep scrolling down. Enjoy!

Here's the Christmas dress that Grandma and Grandpa sent. It was adorable! This was by far the best shot we were able to get with her wearing it.
This was when we went to see Christmas lights at Rhema. Always a fun trip!

Playing in the snow with Daddy!

She threw a snowball at me...

Ziva's favorite thing about winter is definitely snowmen. When there was snow on the ground, everywhere we went in the car, we would count how many snowmen we saw. This is not a snowman we built, just one she's admiring at a neighbor's.

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elizabeth (is your friend) said...

love love love all the pictures!

ziva is so funny. i can just picture her getting excited over all the snowmen.