Wednesday, January 27, 2010

(not much of an) update

Not a whole lot new around here, but it's been a little while so I figured I'd better post SOMEthing. I suppose the big news is that yet another icy snow storm is headed our way. Woo hoo. This one might actually kill the power, though, so I'm really praying that doesn't happen. The last time that happened was before we were here, and my parents went to bed every night at 6 because it was dark and cold and there was nothing else to do. Oh Lord, please spare us from going through that with Ziva on the loose! :)

We've all been sick the last week or two. Vince had a cold, and then we had a few good days, and then I got pink eye, which turned into a cold or something else bad that I still have and am consequently almost voice-less. Ziva also got the pink eye and yet another ear infection. Boy oh boy, are eye drops fun!

Vince's job search is coming along. We've been blessed to be surrounded by lots of helpful people who have give him some tips and leads, and there are a couple promising things that we're waiting on to see what happens. When there's something a little more substantial to report, we will. I was reminded today, though, of just how much we still have to be thankful for, even in these "trying" times. Really, things haven't been that hard. The money's not too tight yet, and living at my parents' has worked out better than any of us, my parents included, expected! Blessing. And today I was talking with a woman I work with whose husband is going on 11 months without a job. He's waiting to hear this week if he got one he interviewed for which would require him to move to Louisiana for a year and half, and then AFRICA for one month on, one month off. They're in a place where, as hard as that would be (because the rest of the family would stay here), they don't have many more options because he really needs a job. It just makes me so glad to have Jesus here with us, knowing that even if we end up in that same place, He will have led us there and has a really good reason for it, and will give us the grace and strength to live that moment to the fullest....just like He's given us today.

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