Monday, January 12, 2009

Cute Portraits

Ziva got maybe three hours of sleep last night, tops. Which means Vince and I got maybe three hours of sleep. Ugh. I was not ready to get up and out this morning, but I did, and as the day went on I found things to be thankful for, like a wonderful husband who prayed for me before I left, and a daughter who, although she didn't sleep too well and then threw up her lunch and had to leave school and go to the doctor, is still healthy, just congested and teething. And that a sub was able to take my afternoon classes when I had to leave. And not just any was this poor guy's first day, and although he was done at noon, he had stayed and was eating lunch with all the teachers in the breakroom, where, if he was listening, he heard me voice my dread at introducing the paradox of non-racist racial epithets in Huckleberry Finn to a group of fairly immature juniors....the same group he took over for me. (I didn't subject him to Huck Finn though.) So, to quote Candide (another one we just finished studying), I guess all is for the best.

Here are some great portraits of Ziva that Cherissa took for us a month ago. They turned out so great. Thank you Rissa!!!

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Mavi said...

Love the portrait of you 2! So cute and you look great!