Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meeting Miss Angie

Today Ziva and I got to meet Miss Angie, Ziva's "teacher" in the baby room at Rejoice. She is really sweet and I think Ziva will have lots of fun with her. It will definitely be hard to leave her with someone else, but we are confident that God is still calling me to teach for now, and we couldn't ask for a better situation than for Ziva to be able to go to school with me. When we consider how providentially this job came for me (Rejoice is the only school I applied to, and I got the often does that happen?), we are excited about the coming year, and we are blessed to be where we are.

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rissaroe said...

Wow- I didn't realize that Ziva would get to stay so close by you at Rejoice! That is so great. It must feel good to know that if there was an emergency or if she really needs you, you will be close by. So Great!

By the way- LOVE the blog. Thanks for keeping us all updated on what's going on with the Ramirez crew!